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Express Services

Canine Magic offers so many services that keep your schedule and budget in mind. Drop off your pup and come back. Or, choose our Express Services. We will get you in and right out in a jiffy!  Bath, Brush, Nails and you get yo make your appointment later that day!


Every pup is different.  ABQ Canine Magic can accommodate all breeds.  With 26 years experience you can be just as confident bringing in your Lagotto Romagnolo as you are with your Yorkie.  A dog's hair cut is not just a shave down.  It represents the breed, dog and the owner.

Head to Toe

Not all breeds need grooming.  Some just need a good de-shedding, a bath and brush, or even just nails.  We offer plenty of services to take care of your pup. Stop in an enjoy services like: de-shedding, dental treatments, anal expression, conditioning, and nail clipping.


Spa Packages

ABQ Canine Magic goes above and beyond the typical haircut.  Dog's, just like people, can become stressed.  For those moments, skip the stressful haircut and choose a spa day.  From calming treatments, to a relaxing day with their favorite Dog Groomer!  Your Pup will enjoy upgraded therapeutic conditioners, de-shedding and paw massage!  For more information, or to book a spa day for your Pup just give us a shout!

Did Somebody Mention Dental?

Wow!  If you could only clean up those teeth and freshen up that breath!  No you can!  ABQ Canine Magic has a non-evasive Dental treatment that yields outstanding results!  Just a couple of sprays and use of a water pic can flush away built up tarter, freshen breath and keep your pups gums in good health for years to come!

More about Advanced Dental:

We use PlaqClnz for our advance non-evasive poochie dental treatment. This treatment goes above and beyond teeth brushing alone without harsh instruments.

PlaqClnz: is a Zinc-based, easy-to-use pet oral health care get that treats and helps prevent bad breath, plaque, tartar and gingivitis. Used regularly, it keeps pets’ breath fresh and protects against the early stages of periodontal disease.

The all-natural PlaqClnz formula Includes: Zinc and Taurine (an amino acid)Is taste-free and alcohol free, for easy pet acceptanceIs the non-anesthesia alternative to more invasive dental cleanings.

Easy on the Pet Parent: Pet PlaqClnz is an anesthesia-free alternative to more invasive, painful, and sometimes risky pet dental cleaning. And, unlike messy tooth brushing, the easy-to-use PlaqClnz dispenser bottle encourages regular use to improve and maintain your pet’s oral health.

University-based Research: The PlaqClnz formula was developed during university research into the use of Zinc compounds to combat the causes of bad breath and other oral health problems in humans and pets.

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Next Steps...

Need pricing info?  Need to book an appointment?  Curious about why we always associate the Nursery Rhyme Humpty Dumpty with an Egg and not an actual human being?   Drop us a line by email 24/7!