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Film Education

The Cinemagic education programme is recognised for its ability to use film to engage with young people; to stimulate discussion on social issues and to provide practical opportunities to learn new skills. In 2022 Cinemagic is offering schools and young people the chance to take part in practical workshops and to view new and captivating films from around the world. 

All education opportunities, screenings and events will be listed on the website and social channels when programmed and available. However, you can contact us at any time for a one to one consultation on how we can help you use film in the classroom. 

Email: schools@cinemagic.org.uk 

Tel: 028 9031 1900

I would like to affirm the value of Cinemagic film screenings, masterclasses and film education programmes to Moving Image Arts (MIA) candidates across all three levels of the subject, at GCSE, AS and A2. The Cinemagic Festival gives students a unique opportunity to view a range of films that are directly relevant to the specifications’ content and learning outcomes of MIA including strong illustrative examples of genre-specific, realist and expressionist films. In instances where a speaker or workshop is also included in the event, it can be of even more benefit, as time is taken after the screening itself to discuss and analyse film language and structure with the student audience. This is relevant to the online examination unit. It is a testament to the value of Cinemagic that so many teachers bring their students to the festival each year”. CCEA Officer for Moving Image Arts